Pius Ogwuche Owoicho, Suleiman Salau and Ibarahim Jimoh

Pius Ogwuche Owoicho, Department of Mass Communication, Ahmadu Bello University; Suleiman Salau, Ph.D., Department of Mass Communication, Ahmadu Bello University and Ibarahim Jimoh, Ph.D. Department of Mass Communication, Ahmadu Bello University



This study was focused on knowing the extent to which Brila 88.9FM has adopted convergence devices with specific focus on knowing the devices of convergence available to Brila FM staff, the benefits the devices have on the operations of Brila FM and to know the possible challenges faced by staff of Brila FM in using the available convergence devices for their sport reporting and programmes. Convergence theory and diffusion of innovation theory were for this study. Using a mixed research method, in-depth interview, observation checklist and the questionnaire were the instruments used for data collection. The in-depth interviews were conducted with the heads of stations at Brila FM Abuja headquarters and the Brila FM Kaduna station. The study found out that Brila FM have adopted convergence in its work because almost all the activities carried out at Brila FM, in one way or the other, involve the use of convergence technology. The study also revealed that, there has been provision of latest convergence facilities at Brila FM as staff derive benefits from using convergence technologies for their work. Some of the benefits include quick download of sports stories from any sports website around the world. The engineering department at Brila FM also derives benefits from convergence as it uses ICTs to link up with its partners and affiliate station, Sky Sports Radio, United Kingdom (UK). The study also revealed that staff faced challenges in utilization, as some of the devices are technical to understand and operate, of convergence devices at the station. The study recommended, amongst others, that Brila FM should put more efforts in staff training, organizing seminars and workshops to enlighten and update the knowledge of staff on the latest ICTs used for sports broadcast.

Key Words: Adoption, Convergence, ICT, Sports Journalism, Brila (88.9)


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