Ahmad Muhammad Auwal, Department of Mass Communication, Nasarawa State University



The emergence of computer, the internet and other electronic means of information dissemination in the 21st century which ensue the development of online media and journalism, continue to hoist concerns among stakeholders and workers in the media industry, as to whether these new technologies will erase completely, overshadow or affect the survival and mode of operation of the offline media. It is no doubt, these technologies brought new opportunities and pose serious challenges to the survival of offline media, particularly the newspaper and magazine. Against the foregoing background, this paper appraises the distinguishing features between the online and offline media, in addition to examining the impact of virtual media on its paper counterparts. Using the technological determinism theory, this paper observes that the emergence of new media technologies transformed the media industry in general, thus challenging the survival and mode of practice of the offline or paper media in particular. The future of the offline media, as this paper recommends, is dependent on its ability to incorporate new technologies into its operations.


Keywords: Communication, ICTs, Mass media, Offline journalism, Online journalism, Paper media, Virtual media.


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