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Authors seeking to submit papers for publication considerations should take note of the following:

  1. Articles should not exceed 7,000 words and should be submitted as attachment in Microsoft format and mailed to
  2. Such articles should have an abstract of not more than 150 words and 6 keywords
  3. Author’s details should appear ONLY on the cover page and nowhere else in the article. THE COVER PAGE SHOULD BE MAILED SEPARATELY.
  4. Any article submitted to BJMC is not expected to be submitted to another journal for publication considerations.
  5. Referencing and citation should strictly follow the 6th Edition of APA publication style.
  6. BJMC frowns at articles with in-text citations that do not appear in the references. Any paper with this defect would be rejected.
  7. Text should be 12 point, Times New Roman.
  8. Empirical articles are expected to have the tables and other illustrations related to specific research questions, with the analysis and discussion under such research questions. For example: Research Question one
    1. Preamble and introduction to the research question explaining the purpose of the research question. (Where space permits)
    2. Relevant tables and illustrations to the research question. (These may not necessarily be lumped together. They should be placed in proximity and relevance to the discussion so that the reader can relate the tables and illustrations to the discussion and not have to flip back and forth over several pages to connect the tables and illustrations with the analyses and discussions).
    3. Analysis of the tables and illustrations, and detailed discussion of them in the author’s attempt at answering the research question.
  9. Responsibility for obtaining copyright permissions on any illustrations, diagrams, texts, etc, in an accepted article, is strictly that of the author(s).
  1. Publication fees are charged only after an article has been accepted for publication. However, authors submitting an article for publication considerations are required to pay a paper review fee of N5000 for authors in Nigeria and $20 for authors outside Nigeria. Publication fee for authors in Nigeria is N15000 and authors outside Nigeria is $
  2. Articles submitted for publication go through three stages of review, namely: Desk review, anti-plagiarism check, and blind peer review.
  3. An author gets one copy of the journal for each article published. Request for extra copies can be made at the cost of N2000 each for authors in Nigeria and $15 for authors outside Nigeria.

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