Hip-hop Music and Sexuality in Youths: What we know and the Gaps in our Knowledge

By: Onabajo, Olufemi

Onabajo, Olufemi – MSc Student, Department of Mass Communication, Covenant University


There are a number of qualitative and quantitative researches (depending on the variables outlined) on hip-hop music online. The domain of research is particularly loosed. Depending on the area of coverage, researchers have come in from the interdisciplinary perspectives to give specific or holistic attention to the subject. Hence, it is not new to find hip-hop phraseologies as independent variable measuring against a (loosed) dependent factor. This paper reviews 25 research papers published within the last 35 years. The core aim of this review was to identify issues addressed and identify the gaps in knowledge. This is particularly imperative because it sought to provide a good platform for other researchers (especially in Nigeria) to key into existing arguments and therefore commence proper research from the point of view of existing gaps and not as hypothetically baseless construct. Key findings include amongst others that articles are not accessed from a triangle as most of the articles are viewed from the narrow frame of single instrument research. Further, we found a divergent view on hip-hop and sexuality without any flow of discussion. The researcher suspects that contributors are not painstaking enough to plug into previous discussions or that they see these accounts as lacking substance in the truest sense.


Keywords: Hip-hop, Rap, Sexuality, Youth, Music Videos

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